Field calf entry system

Lower costs and increase the health of your feedlot

There is only one chance to get off to a good start

Designed with a double objective:

  – Improve the sanitary state in the first days.

  – Achieve optimal immune status in the bait phase.

We know that the first days of the animals on our farm are key to their well-being and future health.

INZAR has achieved the strategy to provide the necessary energy for its calves to obtain a positive energy balance from the first day and activates their immune system, solving the real problem of their animals in the first weeks of adaptation, optimizing their production since this innovative system is prepared to increase the active immunity of your animals, helping animals against problems related to bacteria (E.coli and Salmonella), viruses (Rotavirus), protozoan parasites (Crytosporidium) and Coccidia.

This system provides a different nutritional profile to the adaptation feeds to which we are accustomed, based on the products:


With the adaptation feed made with STARTBEEF for 1 month: we ensure a high consumption of feed and, therefore, a significant consumption of energy, perfectly adapting the digestive system to the intensive consumption of growth and bait feed and avoiding its own digestive alterations of adaptation to growth diets.



Add to the adaptation feed between 2 to 4 kg of INMUSTART during the first 2 weeks: activating the animal’s own immune system.



Add MAXVITAL to water during the first 2 weeks, to ensure sufficient energy consumption to guarantee a positive energy balance in the first weeks.