Complete soluble food intended for ruminants whose indication is to reduce problems arising from stress, both during the period of entry and at any time during the production cycle, reducing the occurrence of disease, optimizing production rates and improving the quality of the carcase and of meat

  • MAXVITAL is formulated with high appetizing ingredients that predispose animals to high water consumption in order to obtain an adequate energy contribution in each productive phase.
  • This energy contribution, especially in the first weeks of adaptation to the fattening plant, determines a positive energy balance and, for this reason, significantly reduces the occurrence of diseases associated with adaptive stress, mainly respiratory diseases.
  • MAXVITAL incorporates amino acids that act as transporters of sugars, improving the availability of energy supply.
  • Its composition includes a balanced contribution of mineral salts that make MAXVITAL a suitable rehydrator to cover possible transport deficiencies or adaptation periods.
  • All these characteristics make MAXVITAL a very important tool in production systems that seek a reduction or elimination of antibiotics.

In drinking water, between 20 and 50 gr / liter.

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