• Support as complementary feeding very desirable during the lactation phase for especially piglets of supernumerary litters in hyper prolific lines.
  • Support to reduce the negative impact of the first days of weaning and rapid adaptation to dry feed consumption.

Product with a nutritional profile based on energy and protein raw materials of high availability with an electrolytic profile suitable for the piglet during the lactation and weaning phase.

In healthy piglets, mix with good quality water at a concentration of 70 grams per liter and offer the piglets with the mother from the second day of life and offer the reconstituted product according to the table attached. Supply in several doses throughout the day in small quantities. In weaned piglets it can be used as a complement to the lactoinitiator feed, at this same dose. Maximum dose: 100 grams per liter.

Recommendations based on the weight and age of the piglet:

  • Suckling piglet: 2 to 10 days of life> 25 to 100 ml per piglet and day in several doses
  • Suckling piglet: 10 days until the end of lactation> 100 to 200 ml per piglet and day in several doses
  • Weaning: 2 days before weaning to 4 days after weaning> Mix 1 liter per 1 kg of dairy feed. Offer in several shots throughout the day (4 to 6 shots) at will.

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