• Improve the heat output of the breeding sow.
  • Improve the quality of ovarian follicles at the time of insemination.
  • Increase the number of piglets born to the next delivery.

Product with a nutritional profile based on vitamins, trace elements and high availability natural antioxidants from natural sources.

  • 50 gr / day and day
  • At most 7 days after weaning.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: The trial involved 118 sows of Landrace * Large White genetics and were randomly classified into two groups: a group treated with 50 gr./day and animal of the FLUSHINZ OPTIVITAL product during the first week after weaning and a control group without supplementation The weaning interval fertile coverage, the number of total births, number of live births, number of dead births and mummies were recorded as study variables.

RESULT AND DISCUSSION: The group of sows supplemented with OPTIVITAL FLUSHINZ left in heat before (4.25 days) in comparison with the sows not supplemented (4.51 days), observing the distribution (Table 1) more than 98% of the sows FLUSHINZ had left in heat before day 5, for the control group 92%, 8% of the sows in this group being late. Regarding the results of prolificacy, the FLUSHINZ group registered a greater number of piglets born by birth (13.2) compared to the untreated group (12.0), as well as a greater number of live births (12, 0) vs. (11.2) in the lot without supplementing.

CONCLUSIONS: In the test carried out the supplementation with OPTIVITAL FLUSHING based on a specific functional nutrition to enhance the development of ovarian follicles after weaning improves the heat output of sows after lactation and is a tool that can help improve prolificity results in the next birth.

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