Quick-Start II P-4



  • With weaning at 21 days: from 5-7 days after weaning.
  • With weaning at 28 days: from 5-7 days pre-weaning.


  • Until 42 days of life.
  • Total consumption of 4 to 5 kg. per piglet until piglets weighing 10 or 11 kg are obtained.
  • Raw materials with high palatability and maximum digestibility in order to optimize piglet intake and minimize the risk of digestive problems.
  • Certified optimal microbiological quality level.
  • Its formulation is the result of the continuous verification of the best productive results in the field.
  • From day 21 or 28 of life until day 42.
  • Mix for 3 or 4 days in the feed changes, at the beginning and at the end, for better digestive adaptation.
  • The piglet will have free access to good quality water.

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