Quick-Start LACTEO

  • Start at 5-7 days of life until 5-7 post-weaning.
  • Maternity employment as a nutritional supplement of the piglet to the lactation of the sow.
  • It facilitates adaptation to solid feed, especially in smaller weaning animals or in the case of very early weaning.
  • Special to make in wet feed.
  • Purpose: discharge of sows thus advancing their weaning.
  • Greater incorporation of high-quality dairy products to facilitate the development of the most disadvantaged piglets in weaning.
  • Raw materials with high palatability and digestibility with the objective of increasing the intake of the piglet in its first days after weaning.
  • Certified optimal microbiological quality level.
  • Its formulation, especially for making wet feed, allows to obtain the best productive yields and minimize the risk of digestive problems at weaning.
  • In lactation offer it in small quantities and in clean containers from day 7 of life.
  • During weaning, use wet feed and apply it at least three times a day.
  • For proper preparation of the wet feed, mix with hot water between 45 and 50 degrees (maximum) and supply at a temperature between 35 and a maximum of 40º.
  • Start the first day with a concentration of 150 grams per liter and the following days rise to exceed 250 gr / liter (from the second day should be as thick as possible).
  • From weaning must also have dry food in the feeders and the feed in wet feed should not be supplied beyond the 4th day (except in the weakest), continuing with the same dry food.
  • The piglet will have free access to good quality water.

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