• In calves near to weaning or newly weaned, it allows an immediate consumption avoiding stress and adapting the rumen to a diet rich in rapid-degradation carbohydrates.

  • Complementary feed designed for the start of concentrated foods consumption.In suckling calves, its high attractive appearance and digestibility provides a fast consumption allowing an early weaning.

  • Due to its perfect nutritional balance, a high diary profit is obtained optimizing productivity in the initial phases.

  • Adjusted diary consumption, strategically related to their weight gain, allows obtaining conversion rates which are lower than market average.

  • Consequently, it improves profitability at first feeding stages.


Day 1st-15th: Provide 100-150 gr/head/day of QUICK START renewed daily and increasing amount if it´s necessary.

Day 15th – 21st: Blend “on top” 50-100 gr/head/day of QUICK START with started feed “ad libitum”.


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