First ages



The phase of adaptation to the feedlot is a critical moment in the appearance of different diseases. The objective of INMUSTART is to activate the immune system of animals so that they can fight these processes with their own defenses.


Boosts inferior colostrum. Bioactive protein naturally found in colostrum.


Complete soluble food for lamb / young goat whose indication is to reduce problems arising from stress, both during the period of entry and at any time during the production cycle, reducing the occurrence of disease, optimizing production rates and improving the quality of carcass and meat.


Complete compound feed for lambs/young goats in lactation phase made from highly digestible components such as dairy proteins and highly digestible fats.


Complementary feed designed for the introduction to the consumption of concentrated foods. Both in lactating lambs / young goats and weaned in the field, their high appetite and digestibility achieve rapid consumption can obtain early weaning and rapid adaptation to growing feed.


• Premix of additives with antidiarrheal effect and adapter of intestinal flora, specially designed for the inlets of lambs/young goats to the feedlot.


• Product indicated for adaptive, functional and bacteria-caused diarrhoeal processes (E.coli, Salmonella), viruses (Rotavirus), protozoa parasites (Cryptosporidium) and Coccidios of the genus Eimeria and Isospora.