Technical service, high professional qualification and specialized training, to offer a comprehensive service for your company.

Given a high professional qualification and specialized training, the members of the INZAR technical service are prepared to offer you a comprehensive service for your livestock company. This service includes from a continuous nutritional advice, to consultancies in health problems or in productive management.

Regarding Investment, Development and Innovation, we apply the latest developments in nutritional research of feed. We carry out previous experiments in controlled environment modules.

Line of research:

  • Early pig ages
  • Nutritional trials
  • Know-how

INZAR’s innovative and research capacity contributes to the continuous improvement of its products.
The contact with the main forums of national and international opinion as well as with the most recent studies in nutritional research allows us to apply their results to our products.
Our lines of research mainly consist of obtaining nutritional products that improve production ratios.
New management is also investigated, as well as the influence of genetics on the results.
A rigorous analysis of the data carried out by the Department of Statistical Analysis of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Zaragoza (Spain) ensures reliable results.